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EDM, love and sunny skies.

F.A.Q. - DISCLAIMER - (C) - ONLY $9.99

the yin to my yang (we look stoned in this photo, we probably were lol)



Customizing my boyfriends Tumblr, getting him tumblr-savvy. Check him out, he’s an amazing glover (and lover) and deserves lots of reblogs! 

Trippy Wolf 



We drop
Bass in ya face

You want a girl that can rage? Find me down the rabbit hole. 
Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) 2013 at Citi Field in Queens, NY 

i finished!

all my trades from Armin :) 

34B Rave bra for SALE! :) 

If anyone wants a rave bra/rave shorts or flower crowns for the upcoming festival season,
email me at:
or my twitter: basskittyjp 
or Instagram: basskittyjp
All my bras are customizable by color, size, theme and price. (Ex. if you want something for $20-$30 I can design something in that price range) Thanks guys :) 

Happy #halloween from your friendly neighborhood #panda

totes fucked myself up
fat lip gang

and now for something completely different
sleepy themes